Are Keyloggers Still a Threat in 2021

Before the mobile revolution, using a keylogger was one of the most used and effective ways to find out passwords of people using a shared or compromised computer. But what about today?

Keylogging is still very possible, and in fact is still seeing a steady increase in usage. According to some sources, over 80% of keylogger malware is undetectable by antivirus software.

A keylogger is software or hardware that records key strokes. Keylogger software can be spread over the internet or manually installed on a target device. It can save the logs locally, upload them on the internet and so on. Hackers can then examine the logs and find the passwords and other sensitive information.

What most people are unaware of is that keylogger hardware also exists. Keylogger hardware are devices that intercept the communication between a computer and a keyboard. They can also store the logs locally, or transmit them over internet, radio, bluetooth and so on. Keylogger hardware is much harder to implement on mobile phones, simply because of the nature of mobile phones, but it can still be achieved.

People that use keyboards are to this day very much affected by keyloggers. To prevent this, they should at all costs avoid downloading any files from untrusted sources. A good example of what should always be avoided is pirated software. It is also recommended to always have a good up-to-date antivirus software active, which will stop some but not all threats.

To protect themselves from keyloggers, mobile users should make sure to only download and install trusted apps from the official app stores for their operating system (Google Play for Android, and the official Apple App store for iOS).

In conclusion, it is safe to say that keyloggers are still a very big threat, even in 2021.